Products & Services


Service 1

Medicare Planning

Medical insurance policy, pregnant woman and infant insurance policy, whether you are single or married with a family and children, let us help you make medical insurance plans, transfer risks, and plan ahead!


Service 2

Miscellaneous Risk Planning

Auto insurance, fire insurance, travel insurance, accident insurance, employee insurance, let us take care of you and take away your worries!


Service 3

Savings Planning

Retirement planning, education planning, business planning, have you calculated all of these? Let us help you achieve your goals faster!


Other Life Planning

Income protection ,debt cancellation ,inheritance and legacy plan, key person plan ,policy analysis plan, let us analyze how you can use small money to create big money!


Service 5

Will and Trust Planning

Did you know that over 9 billion dollars of the estate is unclaimed and the government is entitled to use the money! Don't work hard all your life and end up with regrets! Let us assist you and leave love without debt


Service 6

Fund investment

Do you have extra money you want to invest? We have high, medium and low risk funds for you to choose from!

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